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Wellbeing at Work: Welcome

“The healthiest 25% of the workforce are 18% more productive, that’s the equivalent to 1 working day a week.”

Research by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Wellbeing at Work: Famous Quote

People who are under an immense burden just don’t perform to their best.

Any employee who is struggling with their mental health will not be working at their maximum, their productivity will be suffering. A government report shows that poor mental health costs UK business between 33 and 42 billion pounds every year, and over half of this cost is down to the loss of productivity.

The most important factor in creating a progressive culture is the commitment to employees. Investing in employees’ wellbeing is the right thing to do from a business and a moral perspective.

Our unique Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, support you in improving mental health, resilience and wellness. Talk to us about this essential business requirement.

Wellbeing at Work: Welcome





Wellbeing at Work: Services

Projects have included the definition, design and implementation of:

Wellbeing at Work: Services



I'm committed to changing the culture of businesses in the UK, so that people look forward to coming to work and are motivated to contribute their best.

Accredited Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, a Stress Management Practitioner with membership of the Stress Management Society and a Resilience Trainer – accredited with The Resilience Training Company.

I'm passionate about the importance of wellbeing and empowerment and has worked with many Sunday Times Top 100 Companies, advising on Wellbeing Programmes. My clients have also included Barclays Bank PLC, Whirlpool Inc. Nestle Waters, Venator, Barnados, QVC, Britannia Building Society, Denplan Ltd, Parasol Group, Brabners Law Firm and

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Wellbeing at Work: About Therapy


How Wellbeing has helped my clients 

Wellbeing at Work: Testimonials

Jill Worthington-Cox, Head of Client Services, Bluestone Group

“The programme has transformed our team leaders, retention rates have improved, productivity improved, better motivated staff, has led to more consistent quality standards. In months 3 to 6 we saw a 24% increase in revenue and at month 12, we were still at over 20%.”

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Steve Jobs

Wellbeing at Work: Famous Quote


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Wellbeing at Work: Gallery

Rachel Watson, successful Life &
Business Coach, Author and Wellbeing
Expert, has helped thousands of people
of all ages, to get what they
really want out of life.

Wellbeing at Work: Welcome
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