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 Welcome to "The Wellbeing Programme," established in 2005 to create calm from chaos, fostering balance and wellness in both the home and workplace.​
At "The Wellbeing Programme" cultivating mental clarity, emotional resilience, and physical vitality is key, providing invaluable guidance and strategies for navigating life's personal and professional challenges.

Our offerings include individual and corporate bespoke coaching and training services, tailored to support the specific needs of our clients.  Whether you're seeking to enhance productivity, a healthier work environment, or to elevate your life, our team is here to empower you on your path to optimal wellbeing. 



Executive & Lifestyle Coach

As a working mother of 4 grown up children and now a grandmother, I know the challenges of juggling life demands and a rewarding career, whilst raising a family.
Passionate about the importance of wellbeing and empowerment, I know first hand, how this significantly impacts on efficiency, productivity and ultimately profit.
I had a 20-year corporate career, and in that time I discovered the value of motivating individuals and galvanising teams. I turned around an underperforming team of 80 people – reduced headcount by 7%, whilst improving productivity by 40% and decreasing absenteeism from 17% to 5% in just 4 months. ​Now with nearly 10,000 hours of experience as a coach, I believe people should look forward to coming to work each day, motivated and ready to contribute their very best.
All of this equips me to work incredibly effectively in your business. 
Whilst I help build and train successful teams and deliver wellbeing programmes in the workplace, I also work with individuals as a professional coach, stress management practitioner and resilience trainer.
I love helping people to feel really good about themselves: overcoming their limiting beliefs, finding their confidence to leave their comfort zone and helping them to achieve whatever success means to them is incredibly rewarding.
World-class athletes have all the skills, competitiveness and motivation, yet all benefit from working with a coach – the same is true for the rest of us.
I work with people who are striving to improve or going through periods of change or transition. I help them elevate their thinking and problem solving so they can work through their challenges with relative ease and speed.
I also, when I can, support schools and communities to motivate young people to feel confident and achieve their full potential.
In my spare time, I love gardening and my husband and I are currently developing our vegetable allotment in part of our garden. My other passion is travelling, with a ‘bucket list’ map of the world, we are steadily ticking off countries across the globe!

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Life & Business Coach

Mindset l Confidence l Wellness


Charlotte is a highly effective coach and trainer using a variety of approaches and techniques to supports clients in achieving their goals. She enables companies to enhance their individuals, teams, and management skills, maximizing potential whilst sustaining a happy and successful team.


Charlotte spent over 10 years in the creative industry, managing and training teams worldwide. Charlotte spent over 4 years living overseas in Asia, working in a fast paced, demanding, multi-cultural environments. She enabled her teams to amplify their potential, exceed company targets and build strong team dynamics whilst sustaining the importance of a calm, balanced and happy life.


Having experienced first-hand, the impact that stress in the work environment can have on both mental and physical health, Charlotte’s passion for Mental Wellbeing, lead her to become a stress management practitioner and certified as a mental health first and suicide first aider.

As an experienced Life Coach accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and certified NLP master practitioner, Charlotte established her Well-being business as a Coach, Trainer, and Wellness facilitator. As a member of ISMA (international stress management association) and a qualified Yoga / Breathwork instructor, she believes that balance comes with both mental, physical, and emotional health. She believes clarity of mind, and awareness of self can cultivate a sense of calm and grounding, allowing people to be more resilient, balanced, and successful. Charlotte is passionate about the importance of managing stress and building resilience, applying techniques to improve staff well-being to facilitate a high performing, dynamic and happy working environment.

Charlotte cultivates an engaging, fun, and open environment in which delegates are encouraged to share and participate which aids their growth and learning. Charlotte is flexible and adaptable, allowing her to work with people at all levels. Her intuitive nature enables her to quickly identify the core issues and limitations, focusing on establishing solutions to maximize individual’s potential and inspire dynamic, accomplished teams. Charlotte delivers informative and impactful workshops with her confidence, authenticity and kindness promoting positivity and trust.

Charlotte is an advocate of well-being with a love for travel and adventure. After living abroad in Hong Kong, Dubai and Bali, Charlotte relocated back to the UK where she renovated her new house into her forever family home for her baby boy. Charlotte finds purpose in helping others be the best version of themselves, experiencing first-hand the benefits of Coaching and Personal development. She loves an adventure and thrives when travelling and exploring the cultures, architecture, and history that this world has to offer. She has currently visited over #56 of the world’s fascinating countries and can’t wait to see more!

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Accredited by the Association for Coaching


Accredited with the Resilience Training Company


Accredited by INLPTA


(Member of the Stress Management Society)


AAMET Accredited


Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation


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