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Bridge over a River

Image Consultancy

Image Consultancy & Personal Styling

What is personal styling and image consultancy and how can it help?

Are you unsure which colours suit you? 
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and 
Nothing to wear? 
Have you spent a fortune on clothes  

and never worn them? 

Stuck in a rut? 
Want a makeover? 
Do you want to discover how to develop an image, which reflects the real you? 


Find out from Rachel, what to wear to make you look healthier and more alive and make shopping mistakes a thing of the past!

Rachel is a qualified Image Consultant having trained as both a colour and style consultant, with Europe's leading Image Consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful.


Colour Me Beautiful are Europe's leading image consultants
Colour Me Beautiful are Europe's leading style consultants 

"Did you know that when you meet someone for the first time... 
You have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impression?"

Bridge over a River


After my first appointment with Rachel, in a relaxed and unthreatened environment, I felt a deep sense of positiveness and relief. Someone had quietly listened to me and I was understood. I was taught to concentrate on what I can do rather than what I could not do. To think like a natural optimist. In order to meet the needs of others I first need to meet my own needs. I learnt to value myself.  I learnt to research into my own childhood and explore why I thought as I did. I learnt different strategies to change these deep thoughts into positive ones. I became so much more positive with my thoughts and able to deal with my phobia. The learning took time, but was very very benefitting to me as a person.  Life is extremely hectic for most of us. To stop, listen, think and respond about decisions, which need to be met, what I should do next in my life, how to think of me, are all very positive experiences, which I am very grateful for.

EFT and Coaching Client

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