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Ready to change your life?

Join me Rachel Watson, Lifestyle Coach, Author and Wellbeing Expert, as I share my expertise around life enhancing topics, promoting health and wellbeing, to create the life you really want.


Do you have a healthy body, an alert mind and emotional balance? 

This programme will help build your resilience, reduce stress and enhance your wellbeing, so you have a new found clarity and confidence. Self-care is key to balancing your physical, emotional and mental health, especially during times of change. 

Change can take time. I have created a custom programme which will help you to reach the life you want. This plan will support you on your journey, embedding new healthy habits, bringing you balance and wellness.


I’m excited to guide you on your path to the happy, healthy life you desire, becoming the best version of YOU!

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    3 Bundles

    Secrets to harmony and balance…
    Free Plan
    • Modules 1-15
    • Module 1: Power of Personality
    • Module 2: Keep cool and de-stress
    • Module 3: Finding your balance
    • Module 4: The secrets to mastering time
    • Module 5: The essence of relaxation
    • Module 6: Clear your clutter
    • Module 7: Secrets to a healthy brain
    • Module 8: The art of breathing
    • Module 9: Clearing your mind
    • Module 10: Super powering your resilience
    • Module 11: Mood and food
    • Module 12: Essential steps to confidence
    • Module 13: The power of positive thinking
    • Module 14: Putting ‘Me’ first
    • Module 15: Essential steps to dealing with difficulty
  • Module 1

    What makes you tick?
    • The Power of Personality
    • How to understand even the most challenging people
    • Find clarity to what makes you tick.
    • 45 min masterclass
  • Module 2

    Keep cool and de-stress
    • How to tell if you have healthy pressure or are risking burn
    • Understanding what stress is
    • Learn how to use coping strategies to improve your wellbeing
    • 45 min Masterclass
  • Module 3

    Finding your balance
    • How to create a balanced life, gaining more fulfilment…
    • 45 min Masterclass
  • Module 4

    The secrets to mastering time
    • How to take back control of your life …
    • Practical tips and ideas for managing your time efficiently
    • 45 mins Masterclass
  • Module 5

    The essence of relaxation
    • How to properly switch off and chill…
    • Learn simple relaxation exercises
    • Help you unwind and recharge your batteries
    • 45 mins Masterclass
  • Stage 1

    Secrets to harmony and balance
    • Module 1. What makes you tick?
    • Module 2. Keep cool and de-stress
    • Module 3. Finding your balance
    • Module 4. The secrets to mastering time
    • Module 5. The essence of relaxation
  • Module 6

    Clear your clutter
    • How to remove physical clutter, creating space and energy…
    • De-clutter and regain control!
    • Understanding as to why we keep ‘stuff’
    • Providing hints and tips for clearing clutter out
  • Module 7

    Secrets to a healthy brain
    • How to boost your memory power
    • Practical hints, tips and ideas
    • Digital resources
  • Module 8

    The art of breathing
    • Learn how to think clearly
    • Reduce anger and anxiety while staying calm
    • Practical ways to improve your breathing to help you
  • Module 9

    Clearing your mind
    • How to stop worrying and stress less to aid restful sleep
    • This module helps you handle your worries
    • Gives you hints and tips to help aid more restful sleep
  • Module 10

    Super powering your resilience
    • How to build mental endurance
    • Learn how to recover quickly when problems arise
  • Stage 2

    Enhancing vitality and clarity
    • Module 6. Clear your clutter
    • Module 7. Secrets to a healthy brain
    • Module 8. The art of breathing
    • Module 9. Clearing your mind
    • Module 10. Super powering your resilience
  • Module 11

    Mood and food…
    • Learn how to reduce the effects of stress through our diet
    • Learn to eat well alook after yourself
    • Help yourself to overcome stress
  • Module 12

    Essential steps to confidence…
    • How to develop the cloak of confidence
    • Learn practical ways to help you build your self-esteem
    • Work on your belief system and confidence
  • Module 13

    The power of positive thinking…
    • How to think positive and take control of your life
    • This module explores ideas for changing the way you think
  • Module 14

    Putting ‘Me’ first…
    • How to ‘find’ time and compassion for yourself
    • Tips on how to incorporate "me" time into our lives
  • Module 15

    Essential steps to dealing with difficulty…
    • How to handle difficult people and situations
    • Tips for handling difficult situations
  • Stage 3

    Boosting emotional and physical health…
    • Module 11. Mood and food
    • Module 12. Essential steps to confidence
    • Module 13. The power of positive thinking
    • Module 14. Putting ‘Me’ first
    • Module 15. Essential steps to dealing with difficulty

If you like the idea of a 1-2-1 coaching programme, but at the current time don’t have the financial capacity to invest, the online modular learning approach might be just what you need.


Pay for one module at a time to help you manage your costs, or buy them in batches, to reduce cost. 

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